xSpace is a new type of tool for large engineering projects that introduces spatial collaboration, supercharging productivity.

Using xSpace, everyone involved in the project can step inside structures that are still on the drawing board or during various stages of construction. Management, design, engineering, clients and construction teams can all walk around together inside a design.  All of these people to use their full body cognition and intuition to recognise opportunities or shortcomings. This radically increases understanding and communication, which is just not possible on a screen or a plan. xSpace lets you live the design prior to it being built.

xSpace in Use

These videos give you a glimpse into how xSpace looks but a video is a pale imitation of the full xSpace experience. To get the full idea, contact us to arrange a demonstration.

Human Factors

Combining Sources of Data

Design Review

Enterprise-Scale Technology

xSpace was designed for use in Enterprise with megaprojects consisting of millions of parts and assemblies. It is the only tool for use on projects at this scale.

ScaleableThe xSpace technology can directly open a CAD file of almost any complexity then seamlessly render the entire model. All of the detail is included in real time, with no pre-processing or simplification.

ComfortablexSpace is uniquely comfortable to use, with a highly usable interface and no nausea or discomfort. This means everyone can use the tool whenever required.

SecureSecurity has been baked into xSpace from the beginning.  It is suitable for use in highly secure environments such as defence, space or with other highly-prized intellectual properties.

Request a Demonstration

Viewing videos does not convey how natural and quickly engineers and designers can collaborate in xSpace, contact us to arrange an in-person demonstration or discuss your particular use-case.